Nike Laser Cutting And Marking System

Laser Cutting and Marking Machine for Nike

The way we produced a laser cutting and marking machine for Nike. The initial task, was to develop a production system, that provided the flexibility for both laser marking and laser cutting of leather with the objective for transition in the future, to man-made based materials that would potentially replace leather in the long term.…

Lightwriter Laser Marking System

LightWriter Laser Marking Machine – BAE Cable Identification Products.

Laser Marking Machine – BAE Systems Initial brief was to upgrade an existing laser capability that BAE Systems had, providing marking capability of various types of heat shrink and label materials used for the variety of wiring looms used in the Eurofighter programme. The design of the final solution was based on the Thinklaser Lightwriter…

The Lightwriter Laser Engraving Marking Machine

Laser and Robotics handling in-board of LightWriter marking system

Laser and Robotics Handling solution housed within Lightwriter Chassis – Ceres Customer requirement was to mark ID matrix codes onto stainless steel plates used in the production of fuel cells.  The purpose of the code was to provide internal tracking of test data within the manufacturing process control. The Lightwriter chassis was chosen as the…

Pulsed Yag Cutting Silicon Wafers

Laser Cutting Machine – Westcode Semiconductors

Laser Cutting Machine – Westcode Uk Ltd Initial brief was for the design and supply of a machine that would cut circular disks, in varying layouts, from 100 mm silicon wafers.  The process needed to be automatic and capable of upgrading to 150 mm origin wafers at a later date.  The customer also required qualification…