Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser sourceNd:YAG Q Switched laser
ApplicationGraphical engraving
Completition year2015
MaterialPlastic, acrylic, paint coated

Day-Night Laser Marking Application – Synapse

Known as day-night laser marking, the effect for back lighting the button is achieved by having multiple layers of coated inks. The laser marking is used to remove the upper layer to expose a lighter under coating. In this particular case the design is for a development console for the vehicle to show the design layout and effects.

The critical element of the process, is in the control of the ink thickness, both across the part but also from batch to batch. This allows the laser parameters to be set so that the material is removed without leaving residue (if the material is too thick), or burning the lower level (if the material is too thin).

These examples are produced by the model makers and used in the development  of the prototypes for the automotive customer

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