Machine type used LightWriter laser marking system
laser source Fibre laser
Application Asset code generation
Completion year 2013
Customer Withheld
Material Plastic

In this application of Laser marking plastic memory sticks the plastic product requires a unique ID code for life cycle traceability for the asset marking companies. For more information on the importance of asset marking please visit:

What Is Asset Marking & Why You Should Start Doing It

There are a number of differing changes to the material surface during the laser marking of plastic, and it is very dependent on the material itself as to which one occurs.

  1. A thermochemical foaming, creating gas bubbles to the surface of the material, is the most common. The light scatters across the affected area, producing the light marking that appears.
  2. Bleaching is another effect that is common. Here the pigment used to achieve the product colour is removed creating a visual difference.
  3. The third mechanism is vaporisation, where the material is heated very quickly, to the point where it vaporises and is removed leaving behind the created image.
Laser Marking Plastic Memory Stick

These three laser marking effects can be enhanced, by the adding of laser sensitive additives, and can generate considerable advantages. The additive acts as an abortion barrier, boosting the ability of the laser to process better. In some materials, the laser machines ability to mark the product would not be possible without this additive.

In this case, the plastic reacts very well to the YAG wavelength, creating a contrast to the surface. The die within the plastic is removed (bleaching), providing a mark that is permanent.

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