Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser sourceNd:YAG Q switched laser
ApplicationDeep engraving of image
Completion year2015
MaterialStainless Steel, gold plating

Deep Laser Engraving of Lucky Charm Disks

This 98 mm stainless steel disk is representative of laser engraving.  The decorative lucky charm, has been plated in 24 ct. gold to make it a truly unique product destined for distant shores.

The process is quite slow, in that the laser has to remove the materials in layers, placing thousands of vectors down to effectively create the image and provide depth. This image is not as deep as other similar samples within the case studies. The reason is to demonstrate that a very shallow image will still show through, following plating, due to the very thin layer deposited. It comes into its own when you are looking to create unique one off images, or changes to existing images that need to be produced with depth. Tool inserts being a good example.

Cost of the laser produced image, being much more cost effective than the traditional methods of spark eroding.

The process that leaves the image proud and the background removed, is slower than the reverse image due to the process scan area, being that much greater.

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