Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser SourceCO2 laser
Completion Year2015
ApplicaationPattern engraving
CustomerWithheld University student

Laser Engraving Leather Application – Withheld

Leather forms part of a very large group of applications processed by laser engraving. From sports shoes to fashion, from belts to phone covers. The material processes very well, as long as care is taken during process evaluation.

In this example, the material is part of a garment that has a large process area tribal tattoo style pattern laser marked. CO2 is the most common laser used and creates a dark burn image on the surface. You can clearly see from the image, the process lines used to fill the image, not so evident when viewed from a normal distance.

The quality of the leather plays a big part in the resulting laser marking quality. The lower the oil content, the better the mark quality and, the less chance of staining the surface from flare off during the process.

Most Galvo based marking systems (as used here), have  a limited process area, normally around the 200 mm square region. Where the process image is bigger, we have to find natural breaks in the artwork in order to divide the image up into tiles. The Lightblade flatbed machines, provide larger process areas and can facilitate cutting as well as marking the materials.

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