Machine type usedLightwriter laser marking system
Laser source usedFibre laser
ApplicationBranding and serialisation
Completion date2016
MaterialStainless Steel

Laser marking of laundry tags – The application for STERIS

Laser marking of laundry tags, as seen in the picture, is to facilitate tracking capability once the tags are in circulation. The tag holds a material sample that undergoes the same cleaning regime as the full size material, hospital bed linen for example. Once the cycle is complete, the sample can be analysed to ensure the materials are free from any potential hazards.

Laser Marking Of Laundry Tags

Product arrives with us, having been laser cut and bent to shape, as well as having a passivation process applied.

We provide the laser marking detail required for the part to be used and tracked. The laser marking detail includes the company branding (name and contact details), along with some patent information. Finally, a serial number is placed on the part for traceability.

We have used a fibre as the laser marking source, which provides the ability to run the laser marking machine at very high pulse rates. The fibre marks stainless steel very well, achieving a dark black mark.

The combined precision of the beam placement, along with our tooling design, means the part and mark are precisely aligned every time we set up a new batch. Your files are saved and held for as long as you wish to work with us. Specialist tooling was designed for this part to ensure positional accuracy.

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