Machine Type used LightWriter
Laser Source Fibre 20 Watt
Application Text in radial form
Completion Year 2015
Customer Benchmark Design
Material Stainless Steel

Laser marking stainless Steel Street Furniture Application – Benchmark Designs Ltd

Fibre lasers (or lasers with similar wavelengths), are traditionally used for metal marking due to their energy being absorbed more efficiently than other wavelengths. This higher efficiency leads to faster process speeds, providing better process economics, along with much higher quality levels. Laser marking stainless steel street furniture is a great example of this.

Laser Marking Stainless Steel - Street Furniture

Black anneal marking

This is a common type of marking seen on the range of stainless steel materials used throughout industrial sectors. The mark is created by enhancing the oxide layer thickness to the material surface by heating using the laser energy.

Stainless steel, for example, changes colour when it reaches temperatures between 200 and 300°C. During this range the material surface can achieve different colours, though, the goal is usually a ” black”. See the image showing laser marking of stainless steel street furniture.

Colour marking

Certain materials such as stainless steel, can be processed by laser to achieve colour changes to the surface. Due to the complexity of achieving this, along with available process speeds it is not a process that is actively used on a commercial basis.

In the example shown the stainless steel disk is 200 mm in diameter and 6mm thick. It forms part of street furniture providing various places in the town with identifiable names. These disks would be fixed to stands and furniture completing the forms.

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