Machine type used LightWriter laser marking system
Laser Source Fibre
Application Barcode and human readable codes
Completion Year 2016
Customer Withheld
Material ABS Plastic

Barcode laser marking on ABS Application – Withheld

The base material is manufactured from ABS plastic.  The required laser marking represents a standard bar code along with a human readable code for internal tracking.  In this case, we are using a fibre laser to create the high contrast level image.  ABS is one in the range of plastics that normally laser marks very well.  The fibre laser pulsing at a high rate produces the high contrast mark with relative ease, so making barcode laser marking on ABS a industry favourite.

Barcode Laser Marking On Abs

Each tray is supplied with a unique number for both the bar code and the human readable.  This data automatically moves in increments with each loading sequence on the laser.  When the batch is finished, the job file saves the last number processed.  The bar code used is in 128 format, so that the data is condensed for usage in the space available.  Sample reading is normally performed during each batch to ensure mark consistency.

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