Machine type used LightWriter laser marking system
Laser source Fibre laser
Application QR code generation along with alphanumeric text
Completition Year 2016
Customer OneLife iD
Material Stainless Steel, polymer coated

The laser marking of stainless steel ID bracelets creates the high level contrast when the black finished coating is removed by the laser marking process, the process generates the QR code and human readable data. The coating is removed by the laser marking process revealing the stainless steel below.

OneLife iD is an innovative, interactive, personal ID, which offers its users the opportunity to share different elements of their personal identity in a variety of situations and events. Customers create their own personal iD webpage on the OneLife iD website. The system enables users to create, update and adapt their own iD webpage and record key emergency and medical details, contact details, photos and links to social media content.

Laser Marking Of Stainless Steel Id Bracelet

In this case, the bracelet is available as an emergency tag, providing medical details that can be used by way of treatment, as required. A pin number on the reverse side protects the owner’s information.

The ID information is accessed by using a smartphone to scan the ID products which all include a personal laser engraved QR code. The products include ID bands, dog tags, key fobs and jewellery and can be worn by the customer or attached to anything important including valuables, kids and pets. All products are produced using the laser marking process.

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