Machine used M Series laser marking system
Laser source Nd:YAG Q Switched laser
Application Product branding
Completion year 2015
Customer Te Amo
Material steel

This fashion accessory will be very familiar to many people, but is the laser marking of fashion accessory as familiar. The designer wanted to ensure that his product could be singled out from the rest, and therefore designed a logo that could be laser marked onto the end balls. These small magnetic balls were 3-5 mm diameter and were marked with his logo, a pair of kissing swans. An Nd:YAG laser marking process was used in pulsed mode removing small amounts of materials in a multi pass marking process.

Laser Marking Of Fashion Accessory

The combined precision of the beam placement, along with specialist tooling, means the part and mark are precisely aligned, every time we set up a new batch.

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