Machine type usedLightwriter
Laser SourceFibre Laser
Applicationcustom branding of product
Completion Year2014
MaterialStainless Steel

Product branding of dental instruments

These stainless steel instruments are brought in from Germany for sale into the UK and for product branding of dental instruments market.

The parts were processed, using a fibre laser in a low order waveform matched to a 25-65 kHz frequency. This creates the almost black mark that can be seen in the image. Referred to as annealing, the surface is heated very quickly to create the colour change. The temperature never reaches vaporisation point, therefore, no material is removed in the process. One of the benefits this process provides, is good bacterial control. The process is widely used in the medical implant sectors for this reason.

6. Product Branding Of Dental Instruments

The discolouration takes place to a depth and, therefore can be classified as permanent. The process provides a very high quality finish to the component.

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