Machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser Source Nd:YAG in Q switched mode
Application Serialised marking for traceability
Completion Year 2016
Customer Withheld
Material High Alumina Ceramic

Laser marking of Ceramic Block

During the component manufacturing process, these ceramic blocks are cut in half creating a matched pair. The matched pair must be clearly identified as a pair for the remainder of the process. Laser marking the top and bottom sections of the block with a serial number, ensures the two halves remain matched for the remainder of the process.

Ceramic is highly reflective to the laser energy, reflecting the laser beam from the surface. To create a high level of contrast on the part, we use a Q Switched Flash lamp laser, utilising multiple passes of the process power. This takes time and adds to the cost, but the end result is much more suitable. We have used a \single stroke font\ in order to create high speed processing. The character width matches the laser beam width, so the process does not use raster scanning during the engraving.

The laser serialisation in the two positions for each block, takes place automatically once the job is running. We record and store the serial data, so that duplication will not occur either in the same batch or from batch to batch.

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