Machine type usedLightWriter
Laser SourceFibre Laser
ApplicationProduct identification for traceability
Completion Year2015
MaterialStainless Steel

The laser marking of 2D matrix codes on aircraft parts for traceability, is represented by selected manufacturing information. This includes drawing numbers, manufacturer’s reference and part numbers. The process area is a curved surface, and therefore care must be applied when setting up and marking. 2D matrix codes are used, as part of this traceability requirement. The text height is 2mm. As required by our customer Glentworth Precision Engineering UK

The tooling allows for the part to be set up, with the focal point of the laser set half way between the maximum and minimum height positions relative to the marking area. This reduces any potential distortion, created when the focal position moves in and out of focus, around the radius during the marking process.

Laser Marking Of 2D Matrix Codes On Aircraft Part

The fibre marking process, allows for the image to be produced to almost a black contrast level. Referred to as annealing, the mark element of the material is heated up, creating the colour change. No material is vaporised during the process. The laser marking is permanent, due to the discolouring taking place to a depth of probably around the 10 – 20 micron level. This process only works on steel based products, and effectively is the surface oxidising.

As fibre lasers can pulse at very high rates, it is possible to run the system very fast, developing multiple passes, to build up the darkness and depth of the laser marking, and still achieve commercially acceptable per unit rates.

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