Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser SourceCO2
ApplicationPattern generation and cutting on leather
Completion Year2005

Laser Cutting of Leather Sports Shoe application – Nike

In this application, the customer wanted to combine two very different applications within a single machine. From a single material panel, they want to generate all the individual parts that make up the particular shoe design, before laser cutting out each shape.  The ones that would have pattern design would need to be laser engraved first.

A vacuum table ensured that the materials were held while both processes were completed. When completed, the parts would be removed and sent for final assembly. In order to combine these two applications, the laser source selection was much higher than a source normally associated with laser marking and engraving applications.

Laser Cutting Of Leather Sports Shoe

With the material being natural and various oils being used during the tanning process, it can be difficult to achieve clean laser cutting and marking without burning or flair off. This flair off, if not controlled, causes staining of the leather which is difficult to remove.

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