Machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser Source CO2 laser
Application intricate artwork patterns
Completion Year 2006
Customer Nike
Material High density foam

This type of foam can be used for various applications including the inner section of sports shoes. The image has been created to demonstrate deep and shallow laser engraving mixed within the same process sequence. In this case, the laser marking system is fitted with a large area galvo scan field, processing a 600 x 600 mm process area, allowing this large tile to be processed as a single pass process. The best laser source for laser engraving of high density foam is CO2.

Laser Engraving Of High Density Foam

Each of the generated patterns matched the designs used on 6 Nike products, and was used as part of the packaging for the presentation boxes.
These materials could also be processed using flatbed technology such as our LightBlade products.

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