Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser SourceCO2
ApplicationQR code generation
Completion Year2001
MaterialLaminate multi layer

Laser Engraving Multi Layer Laminate Application

The image is a 2D code, known as a QR code, generated by laser engraving, and contains a URL address that when scanned, takes you to a website where you can find the history of the deceased (the main target audience is pet owners). Apparently, this service is very big in Japan and North America, but has yet to take off over here in the UK . The laminate has the top surface removed by laser engraving, to expose the second layer of black to create the black and white code.

Laser engraving multi layer laminate, is an effective way of achieving greater contrast when attempting to create a black mark. This is often done by coating the material in a substance through a process called TherMark. The end result, is a permanent laser marking on the surface of the material. The laser source was CO2, with the marking being very fast and clean.

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