Machine type used LighBlade CO2 cutting and engraving system
Laser source CO2 Laser
Application Product branding with logo
Completition year 2016
Customer Stake & Stone
Material Wood, bamboo

Laser Engraved Bamboo Application – Stake and Stone

The example shows an example of laser engraved Bamboo wooden tray. In some cases, our customers will rebrand their product in order to make it more attractive to the marketplace. This is a prime example of how well this works. In this instance, the Bamboo wooden tray houses a series of dishes used in the restaurant. The trays are branded with the restaurant’s name, in many cases the branding is provided within the cost of the product, so we are under pressure to ensure the costs are kept as low as possible.

Due to the materials used in the board a CO2 laser source is used. In this case, we use a Lightblade flatbed machine to achieve the results. While these machines would process slightly slower than a traditional galvo based machine, the offset in the hourly charge rate compensates for this. Wood absorbs the CO2 wavelength very well, and so crisp sharp images can normally be produced.

One potential issue when working with real wood, is the year rings that occur. Each ring is directly related to the climate conditions for that year, so each ring will have different characteristics. This means that each ring will react differently to the laser energy abortion. Care has to be taken when processing, to ensure an even balance of material removal takes place throughout the process.

With any material that exhibits lines, whether they are natural or machined, it is always a good idea to run the laser lines at an angle to these, say 90 degrees as an example. This helps with light refraction which in turn makes the visibility of the mark better.

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