Machine type usedLightBlade
Laser SourceCO2
Applicationcutting of straight line patterns
Completion Year2014

Laser Cutting MDF Application

This 12 mm thick MDF profile, has been cut using the CO2 flat bed CNC system.  The laser parameters used to create the pattern, were specifically selected to create the dark edge results as part of the process.  The beam placement is very accurate and repeatable over the full process area.  Edge quality is also maintained across the entire area – laser cutting MDF helps achieve the best result the customer requires.

Laser Engraving Of Wood - Fish Pattern
Laser Cutting Mdf

The CNC machines using laser technology, can now be found in many wide ranging industry sectors; many finding that laser cutting technology is far superior to other more traditional cutting methods.  This is a great tool for producing multiple parts from sheet materials.  The set up can be a simple step and repeat, or nesting dependant on requirements.  Our laser cutting systems demonstrate the precision to cut a wide variety of materials including acrylic and wood, in a manner suitable for mass production. Being able to combine processes such as marking and cutting on a large platform area makes them a versatile tool.

Our Cutting and Engraving Systems in Action

Below we explore our Lightblade Systems range, which is the ideal MDF laser cutting machine. The video below shows two of our Lightblade Systems in action.

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