Machine type used LighBlade cutting and engraving machine
Laser source CO2 laser
Application Cutting MDF
Completion year 2016
Customer Liverpool fan
Material MDF

Laser Cutting MDF Liver Bird Application – Liverpool Football Fan

The liver bird has been synonymous with the City of Liverpool, used to trace its ancestry back to medieval days. Although, not a truly mythical figure, the liver bird appears on many of the coat of arms affiliated to the city. One very famous coat of arms being Liverpool Football Club.

Thinklaser were commissioned by one of the club’s fans for laser cutting MDF liver bird, for incorporating into a large supporter’s plaque. Once produced, the parts would be painted in the clubs colours.

The 6mm MDF was selected, and processed by one of our Lightblade CO2 flatbed laser machines. The laser utilises selectable lens set ups, as well as air assist when laser cutting, without this tool the cutting would not be fully possible. The image is 600 mm high, so our 1490 machine was selected to provide the bed size required.

All LighBlade products are fully programmable with parameter selection, based on material and thickness, being achievable, with power and speed being selected to achieve the best commercial results. With materials of this nature, care has to be taken when cutting, to ensure flare off and gas residue does not damage the top surface.

Extraction units are used to take away a high percentage of the gasses, ensuring clean and debris free surfaces. In some instances, a protective cover can be applied to the surface to further protect it, however this will add time and some cost to the part. In the case of the liver bird, the material would be paint finished, and therefore light sanding and pre-paint preparation was required, so any issues with staining or marking were removed as part of the finish.

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