Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser SourceNd:YAG Q switched Laser
ApplicationBarcode and text generation
Completion Year2013
CustomerGate 7
MaterialAluminium, Anodised black

Anodised Aluminium Laser Engraved for Automotive ID Plates

We provide to our customer Gate 7, anodised aluminium laser engraving on these vehicle ID plates to meet monthly production schedules. With each vehicle type, we will receive an excel spread sheet, containing the relevant information such as serial number and manufacturing date schedule.

We have created, within the customers file system, a series of templates that contain all the data that is static across the product range, mass, weight and axil rating being an example. All that remains, is to insert the data specific to that batch run. This can be laser marked automatically or manually.

In the process of anodised aluminium laser engraving, the black anodising is removed to expose the aluminium base materials. This produces a high level of contrast between the black and silver. The barcode scans very easily with this level of contrast.

It is also possible, to create a fail safe format for the serial number generation. Our systems can record and store the last number used, so that a manual check can be made the next time the operator loads up the template. As long as the next number is higher than the last number, then they can process with the batch.

Anodised aluminium laser engraving using CO2

CO2 can also be used for this type of application. CO2 wavelength could be used, however, in this instance, the dye is removed with no material surface removal taking place. While this can provide certain advantages, the quality of the mark is difficult to maintain. CO2 will heat the plate, while attempting to remove the dye through a chemical reaction, and in doing so heat creep can occur. This shows up as blurred edges to the mark, and requires very concise set up of the laser parameters.

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