Machine type usedM Series laser marking system
Laser sourceNd:YAG Q Switched laser
ApplicationProduct size, part number and branding details
Completion year2010

Traditionally this type of medical device is manufactured from either stainless steel or titanium. The laser marking of titanium process used is very similar and so are the results.

Where the laser marking of medical devices occurs, the surface is heated until a colour change takes place, providing the high contrast level and the basis for achieving a good read rate with the code. This heat usually penetrates 20 to 30 µm deep in the metal surface, leaving a permanent non-abrasive mark. However, these marks can be removed in the future by re-heating the material (a minimum of 700 degrees Celsius for non-ferrous metals). In this example, the titanium medical device is laser marked,  using an Nd:YAG Q switched laser. The laser marking process here is referred to as a CW (continuous wave mode). Today’s technology would probably see this processed using a fibre laser marking unit.

The coating, a type of anodising, creates a better absorption barrier, and therefore the titanium requires less heat to achieve the same mark quality.

Laser Marking Of Medical Device

Titanium anodising, provides products with improved properties compared to those in a raw or “unfinished” state. Test data validates numerous mechanical benefits, and observation with a 10x eyepiece, reveals the levelling effects of the process. Scars from machining and/or de burring are ‘levelled’ into a continuous, smoother, grey-coloured surface. The two most common types of treatment are Type 2 anodizing and colour anodising.

The part is marked on 3 different sides with information such as size, batch number and CE marking. The coatings tend to come in 2 different colours, blue and gold. ATC Ltd

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