Machine used LightWriter laser marking system
Laser source Fibre laser
Application Islamic characters
completition year 2012
Customer European museum
Material Stainless Steel. Polymer coating

Laser marking of stainless steel balls with Islamic character was an interesting project that falls between high technology materials processing and the arts. These steel balls were perfectly rounded and coated with a very high impact coating normally associated with the aircraft industry.

Although the laser marked image suggests the mark is black, it is in fact silver. We removed the white coating to expose the base material. It is the light reflection that gives it the black image in the photograph.

We did try to colour mark the base materials, using the laser marking system in CW mode, however, found that the coating discoloured when too much heat was applied.

Laser Marking Of Stainless Steel Balls

The markings, consisting of a range of Islamic prophets, were to be laser marked around the circumference. A rotary indexer was used to rotate while marking the relevant information onto the ball. Although the laser marking process does become slower due to the indexing, it is the only format that can be used for such applications. The ball has a hole running through the middle to attach the rope, where they were to be suspended. This hole is also being used for mounting the parts for marking.

The parts came in white and black and, when mounted formed hanging displays in a range of European museums showcasing Islamic art around the world.

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