Machine type usedLightWriter laser marking system
Laser sourcefibre laser
ApplicationSerial number generation
Completion year2012
CustomerIntegral memory
Materialstainless Steel, Nickel plated

Laser Marking Asset Management Application – Integral Memory

Although products of this type would normally require corporate branding, a more important element can be asset tracking. In this case, the police use a unique serial number to identify the stick when used for collecting information that then requires logging. Evidence being a good example. It is also used to log out to a specific officer, when on duty providing a full history on the parts life time.

Laser Marking Asset Management

In this case, a flash lamped Nd:YAG laser is used for laser marking the metal tongue with the ID mark. The customer stipulates the start number sequence, and the laser increments the serial numbers automatically. The surface is vaporised creating the laser marking image on the plating, the roughness of the mark providing the contrast between foreground and background. The laser marking has no negative effect on the part either from the heat generated during the process or from engraving onto the metal cover. Fibre technology could also be used for this application.

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