Machine type usedLightWriter laser marking system
Laser sourceFibre laser
ApplicationAlphanumeric text
Completion year2013
CustomerDave and georgie
MaterialGlass with paint finish

Laser Marking of Glass – Happy Couple Dave and Georgie

A request from the bride-to-be, to create a wedding day \favour\ for her guests. The glass bauble is coated on the inside with various painted coatings providing the finished colour, in this case a white base colour.

Nd:Yag Pulsed laser marking, at a very low frequency and power setting, was used to create the effect. The laser wavelength passes through the glass leaving it untouched but removes the paint or ink on the inside, to leave a perfect image of the  happy couples’ day. There was only one potential issue to look out for, if the bauble is too small, then the laser beam may still be close enough to focus to mark the opposite site as it exits the component. The laser marking process at this wavelength does not damage the glass as it passes through.

Laser Marking Of Glass

If you wish to replicate this glass marking process the baubles must be glass. If plastic is used, it is likely that the plastic will absorb the energy at the surface and damage the part.

It is also possible to use Thermark surface additive on glass. Althouth difficult to set up and get parameters spot on, it is achievable.

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