Machine type usedM Series Laser Marking System
Laser SourceNd:YAG
ApplicationAlphanumeric coding
Completion Year2001

Laser Marking of Engine Block Sand Mould – Cosworth

This is one of the most exciting applications we have been involved with.  The challenge is to resolve the tracking of information, regarding engine build for investigation if failures occur. The initial idea was to place a 2D code onto the engine casing however, this would require multiple laser marking systems to be installed at the plant.

In this example, the laser marking was not performed directly onto the engine block. The laser marking of the image was processed onto the sand mould prior to casting. The image shows the result of the casting. Trials were carried out to confirm readability of the code. Read rates were extremely high. The marking was switched to the sand mould in order to centralise the engraving process, rather than put the process onto each production line. The potential for capital outlay was very much reduced. Unfortunately, the project never went any further with Thinklaser.

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