Machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser Source Nd:YAG Q Switched
Application Graphics generation
Completition Year 2005
Customer Trident Systems Ltd
Material Aluminium, Anodised black

Laser marking graphical images using fibre technology

Laser marking graphical images to create this display panel for our customer Trident Systems, was achieved by using the laser to remove the black anodised coating to expose the aluminium, resulting in a high impact image. With the fibre laser there is a very small spot, exceptionally defined detail to be completed.

The fibre lasers can process at such high scanning speeds, that some applications can benefit from lower power selection, while they use multiple passes to create the depth required to remove the anodised surface.

Laser marking graphical images with CO2

CO2 can also be used for this type of laser marking application on anodised materials. With CO2 processing the dye is removed without any surface disruption taking place. Whilst this can provide certain advantages (corrosion), the quality of the mark is difficult to maintain. CO2 will heat the plate, while attempting to remove the dye through a chemical reaction, and in doing so, heat creep can occur. This shows up as blurred edges to the mark and requires very concise set up of the laser parameters.

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