Machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser source Nd:YAG Q switched
Application Deep engraving of text and graphics
Completion year 2105
Customer Withheld
Material Steel

Deep laser engraving of tool insert

The end product is created using a three part molding process, each requiring different information to be included in the product molding. The information required on the product surface is laser engraved into the surface of the tool insert to a depth of 0.05 – 0.1 mm. The image is inverted so that when moulded, the data comes out the correct way. The image consists of a combination of graphical image and standard text. All the data is set up within the job file and processed at the same time.

Deep Laser Engraving Of Tool Inserts

The laser used is a flash lamp Nd:YAG which can change its mode structure. With deep engraving of this nature we run the unit in TEM00. This provides the smallest beam size available providing fine detail where required. While the energy levels are low and multiple skims are required, the end result is better, as well as with minimum raisers affecting the mark itself.

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