Machine type usedM'Series laser marking system
laser sourceNd:YAG Q switched laser
ApplicationDeep engraving
Completion year2015
CustomerEvent organiser
MaterialAluminium, gold plated

Deep Engraving of Medal by Laser – Thinklaser Employee

The product will be used as part of the awards at a charity fund raiser organised during 2013. Wanting the deep engraving of medal to stand out, the organisers designed the medal from Aluminium and arranged for it to be gold plated. The laser engraving was carried out by our Nd:YAG laser, at 60 watts, this laser was used to deep laser engrave the image prior to plating.

In order to control any surface issues, the process had the laser set in single mode and used a skimming process to remove the material in small layers. Because the plating is so thin, the amount of material removal can be small and the image will still show through. When custom production like this is required, then the cost can be competitive however, you would not want use this production method for any volume considerations.

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