Machine type usedLightWriter laser marking system
Laser sourceFibre
ApplicaationAlphanumeric ID marking
Completion year2012
CustoemrBAe Systems
MaaterialPlastics, heat shrink

Laser Marking Machine – BAE Systems

Initial brief was to upgrade an existing laser capability that BAE Systems had, providing marking capability of various types of heat shrink and label materials used for the variety of wiring looms used in the Eurofighter programme.

Laser Marking Machine - Bae

The design of the final solution was based on the Thinklaser Lightwriter chassis in a free standing configuration, providing a top down and bottom up marking capacity.  This function allowed for both sides of the product to be marked as a single operation.

The unit was configured with a roll feed module to deal with the product being delivered in reels, a guillotine so that batches could be separated and fed to collection boxes, and adjustable guide rails for a range of widths seen on the product types.

The software was developed to provide the capability of using 2 laser systems as part of the same process, selectable via the job files to be able to switch on and off as required.

The system was installed in 2012 and continues to provide marking capacity for production.  The Lightwriter is supplied as a Class 1 operating system which entails no further safety requirements from the customer for normal production operations.  The systems includes process area extraction, viewing windows with filtered glass and auto set once the job file is selected.

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