Machine type used LightWriter
Laser source Fibre
Application Graphics
Completion year 2011
Customer Goldgenie
Material Stainless Steel

Application – Laser marking stainless steel by annealing

You will see from the other applications on our site, that one our customer Goldgenie is very well known for their “blinging” of Apple product of all shapes and sizes.

Following the passing of founder member Steve Jobs in 2011, Goldgenie designed this image in respect of him. The stainless steel form shown here, was created to test the image prior to it being placed on the back of an iPhone as a commemorative gesture.

Laser Marking Stainless Steel By Annealing

Referred to as annealing, a laser is used to heat the surface of the material until it changes colour through oxide generation. At no point, does the material reach vaporisation temperature and at no point is the material removed. The process is also referred to as CW marking with older technology.

In this example, a fibre laser is used, due to its ability to pulse at very high rates, making this type of marking a perfect application. Fibre lasers can also be run at high speeds when processing in this format, producing commercially good results.

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