machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser source Nd:YAG Q switched laser
Application Custom text and graphics
Completion year 2015
Customer Goldgenie
Material Stainless Steel, 24ct Gold plating

Customised laser Marking iPhone Gold – Goldgenie

These Luxury personalised gifts customized in 24ct. Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum all use laser marking to create the information that makes it personalised. Laser marking an iPhone is a great way to make your phone unique. I believe the youngsters refer to it as “Blinging”. One of the issues with plating of this nature is that the material is highly reflective, conducts heat really well and in some cases the thickness control is not always as tight as we would like, all negative elements when trying to provide a laser marking service.

The laser marking  process works really well, if the product is marked before the plating is applied. The base material in this case, can be either stainless (as on the earlier versions) or aluminium on the newer versions. Because these materials are relatively easy to mark, we can place the marking directly onto these surfaces at any depth. Once the unit is plated, the marking still shows through. The plating is so thin that it follows the same profile that the laser has produced. In addition, the line pattern which is very fine, created by the laser, creates a different surface finish from the base material which is normally highly polished.

The result as you can see from the photograph is very good. Processing in this way, removes any potential issues of the plating lifting, or having raisures around the mark edge, which could cause potential issues when in normal use.

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