Machine type usedLightWriter laser marking system
Laser sourceFibre laser
ApplicationIMEI and serial numbers
Completion year2014

Back in 2010, we were approached by TRS based in Scotland, to look at the application of laser marking of plastic 3G covers during the repair cycle. TRS specialised in the repair of various phone based products, and had won a contract to repair products for a well-known phone provider.

The main issue was that when repairing the product, the casing would be damaged and become unusable so had to be replaced. However product data had to be transferred from old to new casing.

Laser Marking Of Plastic 3G Covers

We were able to take excel spread sheet data from them at the beginning of each week; these would be converted to CSV files ready to import into the laser marking system in our job shop. The laser was able to substitute the CSV file data into a previously set up template which contained positional information along with laser marking parameters. The data required was the IMEI and serial number information.

Thinklaser would hold up to a month stock, of the required product range and, would ship once a week back to TRS to meet with their process schedules.

The product came in two different colours, the photo shows the white version which was the most difficult to mark, while the higher volume black marked better.

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