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High Performance Technical Polymers

True metal replacement capability. Roboze technical polymers offer the highest performance for the most demanding applications.

Carbon PEEK – The metal replacement engineering super polymer, suitable for a range of industries from Oil and Gas to Motorsport with operating capability up to 280 degrees Centigrade 

Ultem AM9085F – FAA approved for use in aerospace applications, high strength and low weight

Carbon PA – Carbon fibre reinforced polyamide – the strongest material available on the market today

Extem AMHH811F – The latest innovation from Sabic – UL approved filament for the most demanding applications

Filament Materials

Roboze Materials are available in 500g, 1Kg and 2kg Spools. We recommend that materials are thoroughly dried in a Roboze Filament Dryer or HT Oven prior to printing, as damp material will affect the quality of the end component.

Filament Extruders

Roboze HVP (High Viscosity Polymer) extruders are designed to offer maximum control of filament temperature and deposition during the build process. The extruder range has now been simplified to minimise downtime and maximise flexibility during material changes.

HT Ovens & Dryers

Filament Dryers
HT Ovens

Filament Dryers

Programmable high temperature dryer, for filament drying and extended pre-heating processes at high temperatures. Accurately control filament humidity and temperature and ensure the print material is in optimum condition before and during production.

Standard fit to the Xtreme and Argo series machines.

HT Ovens

Programmable oven, developed for filament drying, extended pre-heating processes and post print high temperature annealing of components.


High Precision 3D Printing for Ceramics and Metals

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Laser Systems

Powerful & Flexible CO2 & Fibre Laser systems for a wide range of industries

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Sub-Contract Services

Laser cutting, Engraving and Additive Manufacture services

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