About Us

As one of the UK’s leading laser marking and engraving machine builders. We have gained a reputation for imaginative engineering over the last 15 years. Today we have evolved into a company that provides industrial manufacturing solutions using laser technology

Imagination, Ingenuity, Integrity.

Thinklaser design and manufacture high performance laser engraving and laser marking systems aimed at industrial production environments. In addition, we supply  engraving and cutting machines for non-metallic applications. A privately owned British company, established in 2000, we pride ourselves in being one of the country’s top laser engraving and marking equipment providers.

We have brought together a team of people, with the technical expertise and specialist skills, that will give you confidence when you invest in Thinklaser, laser based systems and services. We maintain full control over product design and manufacture, application, development and the support criteria provision for every machine sold. Our approach to your needs, will be met in a professional and refreshing way that will set us apart.

Our concept is simple – treat client’s requirements as if they were our own.


Meet the team

Key business activities:


Lightwriter desktop marking machineLaser engraving and laser marking – Machines


Two very cleverly designed standard products allow us to provide stand alone machines for production environments that can, very cost effectively, be turned into systems that offer semi or full automation without the huge cost figures normally associated with custom or bespoke machines.
In 2013 we introduced the new Lightwriter marking system.  Following all of the same Thinklaser design criteria, this product combines low investment and running cost for users.

This new, energy efficient product will sit alongside our current M series range providing a collection of true “plug-in and process” laser marking and engraving systems.  The Lightwriter design format includes table top versions offering an even more cost effective investment entry level product.

All products are available in CO2, Fibre or Flash lamp versions ensuring that we can provide laser marking and laser engraving over a very wide range of materials.

If we cannot meet your production needs with the standard Lightwriter and M series products, then our in-house engineering group will be happy to discuss bespoke solutions.

In 2015 we launched the Lightblade product range of flatbed CO2 machines.  These large process area machines are primarily aimed at non-industrial markets; education, architects and model makers being a few examples.  They combine both cutting and engraving functions, providing a very low cost flexible tool for its targeted markets.

Thinklaser marking and engraving systems will deliver everything you would expect from a high quality product, including high performance and reliability within a versatile manufacturing platform; all at an affordable price.



3040_OPENLaser engraving and laser cutting – Machines


In 2014 Thinklaser instigated a development programme with a Chinese partner Transon to develop Flatbed CO2 technology for the European market. In early 2015 we began shipping the first of our new laser cutting and engraving product line, Lightblade. These large process area machines are primarily aimed at non industrial markets: education, architects, fashion and model makers being a few examples. Lightblade CO2 flatbed systems deliver cutting and engraving across a wide range of non-metallic materials in process areas up to 1400 x 900 mm.


Subcontract – laser engraving – laser marking – laser cutting


Based just outside London our facilities in Redhill, Surrey include multiple Nd:YAG and CO2 lasers along with fibre technology, allowing us to process most industrial materials in small, medium or large batch sizes.

The addition of two flatbed CO2 machines means we can also offer laser cutting and engraving on a very wide range of non-metallic materials such as acrylic, glass, wood and fabrics.

We also offer the ability to include other manufacturing elements of the process such as assembly, QA, testing or complete supply (label materials etc).


Picture of optical rail shotOEM design services to module or system level delivery


We have gained a reputation for engineering excellence over the last 15 years, and are able to provide product design to module or finished system level.  Our in-house capability includes full 3D electro-mechanical design, utilising SolidWorks. Disciplines such as software and electronic design are also controlled from within.

As well as our standard marking systems, our portfolio of other work to date includes silicon wafer cutting using automatic handling and manual handling, optical delivery modules for 3rd party incorporation into production equipment and micro cutting systems for multi-layer film product.

In addition, all our products – standard or not – are fully supported by the technical support personnel.  Our independence ensures that we can remain at the forefront of laser technology development, continually evaluating new solutions to meet the ever growing demands of British manufacturing.