Our Laser Machines

At our new facility in Redhill, Thinklaser utilise the power of light by designing and manufacturing our own range of laser based industrial processing equipment. Best known for our laser marking and laser engraving systems, we have also supported customer’s applications with bespoke solutions for laser cutting, laser drilling and OEM laser modules for integration into the customer’s product range.

To complement our existing range of products, we have developed, with our partners in China, the Lightblade range of flatbed CO2 laser cutting and engraving systems, aimed at the light industrial and non-industrial sectors.

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Non-metallic cutting and engraving


Fibre & CO2 laser marking

M Series

ND:YAG and CO2 marking

LightWriter Desktop

Fibre & CO2 marking

Our laser services

Our subcontract services department, provide you with access to some of the most modern industrial laser marking and laser engraving equipment available. Our facilities include Fibre, Nd:YAG and CO2 laser systems, giving us the flexibility to process most industrial materials.

Utilising our own range of Lightblade flatbed CO2 systems, we can provide large area laser cutting and laser engraving services for acrylic, wood, leather, cardboard, plastics and other non-metallic materials.

Supported by our experienced technicians, you can be sure of a consistent and reliable service.

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Company Statement

Here at Thinklaser, we have created a series of operational statements that both management and employees believe in and work towards achieving. These statements, along with our ISO9001 accreditation, form the basis of our commitment to you, when you choose to invest in our laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting systems and services.

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