Thinklaser Finance

In partnership with a leading industry finance business, Capex Finance.

In partnership with a leading industry finance business, Capex Finance, we can offer a broad range of flexible system financing, leasing and lease rental options for our range of equipment.

Financing reduces the need to commit cash to fund depreciating capital equipment assets, and spreads the payment over the equipment’s working life.

This allows cash resources to be allocated to the day-to-day running of your business.

Financing in this manner is also tax efficient, as payments are deductible as a trading expense.

Contracts allow for future equipment upgrades, exchanging old equipment for new.

Why Finance with Capex Finance?

  • Partners with 25 years’ experience in the finance industry
  • Extensive range of financing options
  • Tax efficient and frees up cash flow
  • Deductible as a trading expense
  • Allows upgrading of old for new
  • Other borrowing capabilities unaffected
*Think Laser Limited is an Appointed Representative of Capex Asset Finance Limited , solely, for all customer finance matters. Capex Asset Finance Limited is a fully authorised business under the Financial Conduct Authority  reference number – FRN679169. 1 Church Court, Cox Street, Birmingham B3 1RD. Tel 0121 262 6520. Contact – Alan Hunt