Machine type used LightWriter laser markign system
Laser Source Fibre
Application Component size information and part number
Completion Year 2016
Cutomer Withheld
Material Aluminium, black anodised

Anodised Aluminium laser marking is common place in today’s industrial sectors. The anodising is removed to expose the aluminium base material creating a very high defined image.

The application

The part is manufactured from Aluminium and anodised black. With this variation we create the part ID mark on the top surface of the component where it is relatively straight forward. There is no set position around the diameter and therefore the part can go into a straight into a datum corner jig. The laser marking information is set up to be on a radial marking format making best use of the area and providing a better finish.

An Nd:YAG Flash lamped laser is used in the laser marking process.  CO2 laser can also be utilised for marking anodised materials. In this case the wavelength removes the dye in the material finish delivering a white mark finish. While this can look very good it is difficult to control due to the heat creeping away from the mark area. The end result can be blurred edges to the mark. In most cases Nd:YAG would be the preferred laser to use.

The part shown in the picture makes up part of a family. With some of he components the mark is placed on the angled face. With those with small angles we can mark from directly above. The angel is not severe enough to create distortion on the surface. With those wit a much greater angle we flatten the angle out within the jigging, so the part can be marked on opposite sides. This does introduce more handling of the part but the end result is much better.

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