Machine type used LightBlade cutting and engraving machine
Laser Source CO2 laser
Application Cutting
Completion Year 2008
Customer Withheld, University student
Material Card - Paper

In this application we were demonstrating the ability of CO2 to provide laser cutting of card and paper. The series of patterns that are then overlaid to produce a 3D image as part of a packaging design. The card reacts to laser cutting very well, normally best to run the process as multiple passes in order to ensure the materials does not burn along the edges. From the image you can pick out some edge burning. CO2 can be processed at very high speed so even when multi pass laser cutting is used the overall time is still commercially viable.

Laser cutting of card and paper is economical, fast and efficient. By using lasers to cut the material, there’s no physical contact between a cutter and product, which minimises the risk of any damage. There are no chemicals used to the process is environmentally friendly. Additionally, the materials are simply placed on a surface and do not need to be clamped, again minimising the risk of any unintended damage.

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